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Overbrook Gardens 776 Wall Project


North Wall Completed in May 2013

South Wall Completed July 2016


In mid-2010, the Overbrook Gardens Association decided to try to tackle what was clearly the worst eyesore in our community ----- the line of wooden fences bordering our neighborhood along SR 776. With the exception of a few sections most of these fences were in pretty bad shape.  These fences were built due to the widening of 776 a number of years ago.  Since these fences were on private property, the Association obtained Grants of Easement in order to tear them down and replace them with something more appropriate.  Over the years, there has been a lot of time spent complaining about these fences and it is doubtful if anyone living in our neighborhood thinks they added to the looks of Overbrook Gardens.  In fact, according to feedback from realtors in our area, our neighborhood looked so bad from SR 776 that many potential home buyers have refused to even look at Overbrook Gardens.  This was very unfortunate since Overbrook Gardens is a great place to live.  The people here are the best and the vast majority really care about their neighborhood and the overall quality of life here.  We have amenities that most neighborhoods only dream of.  Just look at our network of waterways, green spaces and our boat ramp.


Facts and Figures

      The length of the new wall is approx. 1,600 ft. running north and south of Overbrook Rd. along SR 776.

  • The height of the wall is 8 ft.
  • The wall is made of reinforced concrete manufactured off site and assembled and painted on site.  The design meets Florida Building Code requirements for 140 mph wind speed.

     The total cost of constructing the wall was approximately $180,000, including legal and State and County permitting fees.

         A SR 776 Wall Committee was established for this project. The volunteer members were:

Dave (Chairman) & Sandi Fedder

Al & Karen LoRusso

Daryl & Marcia Andringa

 Harvey & Carol White

Skip & Marty Wheeler


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