Overbrook Gardens Association

Aluminum Can Collection Fund Raiser

for the

776 Wall Project



Association member, Marv Kammer, of 1513 St. Claire Rd. suggested last year that we tap into the vast resources of the homes in our neighborhood and organized a process to collect their aluminum cans.  He subsequently set up an area at his house to collect, sort, crush, and package the cans for hauling to the recycler.   Collections are constantly being received as people drop off their (and their friend's) cans at Marv's garage door.  Every Tuesday several volunteers gather at 1:00 PM to sort out the non-aluminum items, manually crush (stomp) each can and shovel them into plastic containers.  Marv then loads them into his truck for delivery to the recycler in Venice.  He is currently collecting about $100 a month for the Wall Project.












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