Overbrook Gardens Association

Serving Members of a 538 Home Boating Community on Forked Creek's North Banks
P. O. Box 202, Englewood, FL 34295

Overbrook Gardens Association Welcome Wagon

Our Association membership is voluntary, and served by many member-volunteers.  As an important part of our service to the community, we are proud to introduce our Welcome Wagon Committee.  This group of sociable people believe in an early introduction of new home owners to the Association.  They make fun out of the work needed to design and assemble delightful welcome baskets/bags that are delivered with a smile after new property owners have settled in.  Please contact any of the staff if you know of a new family that has moved into our community.  

Sandi Fedder  475-8536
Marty Wheeler 474-4219
Bizit Stevens 474-6563
Beverly Williams 475-7776
Terri Wiegand 474-1369


Left to right: Sandi Fedder, Marty Wheeler, Bizit Stevens, Bev Williams, Teri Wiegrand

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