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What's New in Overbrook Gardens 

Association Annual Business Meeting

The Overbrook Gardens Association will hold its annual business meeting at 7:00 PM at New Hope Baptist Church on Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2019. Only Association members can vote at this meeting. It is requested that memberships be paid before the meeting if at all possible. For those who are unable to do this ahead of time, you may do so at the meeting. Refreshments will be served after the meeting. Please note that alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed at the church.

776 Wall Damage

The south wall was damaged by an automobile on Nov. 19, 2018. The driver was at fault and charged with improper lane change. His car was struck by a small service van which caused the car to go out of control and hit our wall. Damages to the wall were extensive but repairable. There was no visible damage to the adjacent Shanley property other than debris from the wall. The Association has negotiated a tentative settlement with Safeco, the insurance company, and is working with Permacast, the wall company. Repairs will be scheduled after the insurance money is received.  Click here for photos.

Christmas Caroling

Overbrook Gardens is gifted each holiday season to joyous Christmas caroling by some 20 enthusiastic carolers. The event is organized by Dave and Sandi Fedder and has become an anticipated annual event. It is followed by a pot luck dinner party at the Fedder's house for carolers and friends. Click here for photos.

Annual Association Community Christmas Party

The Association sponsors its annual Overbrook Gardens community Christmas party at Boca Royale Country Club. Click here for photos taken at the party.

Herald Tribune Article

Click here for the full article that was published in the Herald Tribune's Saturday Real Estate magazine on Aug. 30, 2014 after an interview with the president of the Association, Margaret Wypychoski. You can see a condensed version of the article on the Herald Tribune web site here.

Join Overbrook Gardens Association as an Affiliate Member

Overbrook Gardens Association is pleased to offer Affiliate Memberships. In order to qualify for this level of membership the following criteria must be met:

  •  You do not own property in Overbrook Gardens

  • You must be nominated and sponsored by a current Association member, in good standing

  • You must abide by all rules when accessing Overbrook Gardens' properties Click here for additional information and application.

Aluminum Can Recycling

Another method of raising money for the 776 Wall Project has been initiated by Marv Kammer of 1513 St. Claire Rd. He is collecting aluminum cans from anyone and will sell them for recycling to help fund maintanance of the new wall. Please support this program by dropping off the cans at his house. Click here or call 941-234-7567 for more information.

Directory Updates

Since our Overbrook Gardens Directory is an annual publication, any changes that occur after printing are not available to our residents until the following year. Oftentimes, residents change their phone service and forget to share the new number with us, so we continue to publish an inaccurate number for them. In addition, as new folks move into our community, we have not been able to share their information until the next directory is published.

A new feature of the web site is to collect changes that may occur during the year. Please check your listing and contact the membership chairman, Maria Hallabrin, if you need to make changes. Your updated information will be entered on the web site until the new directory is published. Please be advised that the directory names are based on Sarasota County owner information and may be shortened to fit our directory parameters.

Scoop that Poop

More pets seem to be inhabiting our closely populated area which increases the threat to the cleanliness of our underground and channel waters. Pet owners need to realize that poop left on yards and streets finds its way quickly to our boating waters, and eventually contaminates underground water. Property owners expect those who walk pets in this area to be responsible for their pets. This includes picking up their poop which can be done easily and safely by using plastic bags and small implements. More information can be found here.

Crime Map

Sarasota County has made online maps available that show recent crimes in our area. Click here to access this site. You can enter your address in the box on the left to get more detailed information for a specific area. Drag the map to show the streets you are interested in.

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