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Volunteer Maintenance Crew

Overbrook Gardens Association Property Maintenance

Overbrook Gardens Association owns eight properties that must be maintained. Five are located on the water which presents additional maintenance problems. The work is primarily done by volunteers to minimize the costs to the Association. We do pay for grass mowing during the summer. We use a licensed contractor to trim our Mangroves.

We are very appreciative of the volunteers who work throughout the year in a variety of activities to keep our community looking good.

2024 Maintenance Schedule

During the winter months, volunteers work together Thursdays and/or Saturdays from 9am-11am.

  • Thursday, January 11 at Neptune Park
  • Saturday, January 13 at Neptune Park
  • Thursday, January 25 at the Boat Dock
  • Thursday, Feb 22 at the Boat Ramp
  • Saturday, April 13 at the Front Entrance

Please contact Lisa Therrien at 703-855-3285 or if you can help!

Entry Walls: North-1298 Overbrook Rd., South-1297 Overbrook Rd.

The north entry wall was rammed by a car in December ’09 and has now been replaced by Kimco Construction. This included repainting of the south wall to have a good color match. The entry walls require periodic pressure cleaning and painting and they are decorated during the Christmas season. The surrounding landscaping needs constant attention including replanting, mulch replacement, weeding, fire ant treatments, leveling of the river rock, and trash collection. The grass is kept mowed on the north side.

The Viburnum on the north side of the right-away were planted to provide a barrier for the houses on the north side of the intersection. They provide additional grace and beauty to our entry.

The low voltage lighting system also requires attention. The cabling and equipment must be maintained and light bulbs must be replaced when needed.

A constant problem is the removal of garage sale and real estate signs from the landscaped area. We have coordinated our efforts with the County Code Enforcement Office and on their recommendation now remove and destroy signs left in the landscaped area rather than having to call the Code Enforcement officer.

Forked Creek Bus Stop : 1970 Forked Creek Dr.

The Fork Creek school bus stop lies on the south side of Overbrook Rd. between the North Branch of Fork Creek and Forked Creek Dr. Considerable work was put into the area during Pepper Tree removal in 2002. Since then we have initiated an aggressive program of spraying the Pepper Tree sprouts that has effectively rid Pepper Trees from Association properties. The trees on this property are kept trimmed and the grounds free of trash. The fence poles are painted every couple of years and the rope was replaced last year. The bus stop shelter was repainted recently and the roof was replaced.

Neptune Bus Stop : 1571 Neptune Dr.

The Neptune bus stop requires the same attention as the Forked Creek bus stop except that it has a large area of crushed shell that must be maintained and, since it is not on the water, there are no Pepper Trees to contend with.

Overbrook Lake: 1566 Overbrook Rd.

The Overbrook Lake property holds 19 Cabbage Palms which we try to keep trimmed. The bench seat is periodically cleaned and repainted and the area is sprayed for weeds and poison ivy a couple of times a year. As with the other properties, it is mowed as required during the growing season.

Boat Ramp: 1936 San Remo Point Dr.

The boat ramp includes a large vacant field that is used for ramp parking. The Pepper Trees were also cut and removed from this property in 2002. The subsequent spraying has kept them from regrowing in this area also. We have a process of keeping the Mangroves trimmed to the required height in this area that has been working well. We continue to control weeds and Poison Ivy in the area and maintain the dock. The dock surface planking has recently been replaced.

Lot 12 at SR776 Bridge: 1912 Forked Creek Dr.

This property lies on Forked Creek just west of the bridge on SR 776. It is also known as Lot 12. A major amount of work was also completed here in 2002 when many large Pepper Trees were removed. Currently we control Pepper Trees, Poison Ivy, and weeds by spraying. The fence poles are repainted every few years. This was a staging area during the sewer installation work in 2004.

Fairview Cul-de-sac: 1911 Fairview Dr.

A major amount of work was also completed here in 2002 when many large Pepper Trees were removed. Currently we control Pepper Trees, Poison Ivy, and weeds by spraying. The bench seat and fence are repainted every few years.

The Gold tree donated by Nate Johnson