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Security Patrol

Citizen’s Patrol

We all want our families and property to be safe. County, State, and Federal records show that neighborhoods with an active patrol program have significantly less trouble than those without one. A key element is a marked car, clearly visible, moving about the neighborhood. This calls for our help because it requires patrols more often than the sheriff alone can perform.

The security patrol is manned by a volunteer group of your neighbors. Automobile patrols of Overbrook Gardens are made during day, evening, or night time hours. You place the magnetic Security Patrol reflective signs on the sides and back of your car, mount the flashing amber light on your roof, and simply ride around the area at a slow speed with your cell phone and the large flood light provided. If you see something suspicious or questionable you call it in to the 911 dispatcher and then leave the area. You are not to get out of the car or take any action other than calling the police. You are simply the eyes for the law. Bright neon yellow tee shirts are provided for those who want them. These provide immediate identification of you as a Citizen’s Patrol member as you move about the neighborhood.

Patrol teams are two people, usually husband and wife. They are given training to prepare for conducting patrols. The training is not difficult. It includes how to use the cell phone to call 911, what information to observe and report, and how to make sure you are always safe during the patrol.

After your training you call the Patrol Chairperson to schedule a patrol at a time, day or evening, that is convenient to you about once every two months. If you do not have a partner there are other similar participants who have been trained and are willing to be paired up with another person. Everyone, including renters, can help. If you are not already a member of the Security Patrol, we need your help especially if your are usually here in the summer.

The Citizen’s Patrol is now receiving monthly crime reports for Overbrook Gardens from the Sheriff’s Office.