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Overbrook Gardens Boat Ramp

Overbrook Gardens Member Only Boat Ramp

During the spring of 2021 Overbrook Gardens Association completed an almost 2 year project that replaced the existing community boat ramp with a new extended ramp, a new extended dock, landscaping and signage. It took 13 months to obtain the necessary permits for this project. The site also needed to have a shore line survey before permits would be granted. The total project cost was $42,000.00 that was paid from your membership dues, fund raisers and the generous donations from many community members. While the Project work has been completed OGA is still working to repay ourselves for the full costs of the ramp. As of January 1, 2022 we still need to replenish our working funds with approximately $18,000.00. Please consider supporting this project with a donation to the ramp project during 2022 as you enjoy this great community asset. Since the community has invested so much into this project we want to do our best to protect that investment and that includes insuring that only paid Overbrook Gardens Associate Members use this ramp and dock. You can help with effort by keeping the following guidelines in mind:
  • New Electronic Lock and Stickers will be distributed to paid members.
  • Access to the ramp MUST NOT be shared with anyone.
  • There is a camera on site now that observes the ramp activity.
  • The area is now monitored by community volunteers to ensure ramp security. Ramp security phone numbers are posted on the ramp signage.
  • The new 2022 Stickers will be distributed with the Electronic Lock. Your annual windshield sticker should be placed on the right passenger corner of the front windshield.
Donations are accepted by Gregg and Deb Alberini, 2111 West Crest Drive, by either cash or check. Funds donated will be applied directly towards the Boat Ramp Enhancement Project.