Serving Members of a 538 Home Boating Community in Englewood, Fl

Affiliate Membership

Overbrook Gardens Association is pleased to offer Affiliate Memberships.

Interested parties, who do not own property in Overbrook Gardens but reside on the following streets, and are nominated and sponsored by a current Association member, in good standing, may apply for an Affiliate Membership in the Association.

Bayshore Drive to include the Keyway Road west of OGA’s Keyway Road, but not attached to OGA’s Keyway Road

Bridge Street (Between Overbrook Road, Bayshore Drive and Lemon Bay)

Columbia Drive

Chadwick Road

The Affiliate Membership will afford the following benefits:

  • Access to the private boat ramp. A key to the ramp lock will be issued upon verification of paid dues.
  • Attendance at two membership meetings held in February and November each year. (Affiliate Members will not be eligible to run for or hold a position on the Board of Directors nor will they have voting privileges.)
  • Attendance at the Association picnic held at the end of March each year.
  • Attendance at the Christmas party held each December at the Boca Royale Restaurant.
  • A copy of the Overbrook Gardens Directory which is provided annually.

The fee to join is only $75 per year.

Dues pay for:

  • Park pavilion rental, meat, beverages, etc. for the spring picnic.
  • Provides funds to create a directory of recorded residents that is updated annually and distributed to members in the spring.
  • Maintenance costs for the eight properties we own, such as mowing, plantings, mulch, painting, yard waste bags, crew vests, tree trimming and/or removal, etc.
  • Water and electricity on some of these properties.
  • Maintenance of several hundred feet of Mangrove trees that protect our shorelines. Occasional trimming of the Mangroves is required by a licensed arborist.
  • Web site hosting service, postage costs, printing and copy costs, etc.

Overbrook Gardens Association owns eight properties around the neighborhood:

  1. The SR-776 entry wall properties (2).
  2. Lot #12 at the South East corner of Forked Creek, next to the SR-776 bridge.
  3. The bus stop at the corner of Forked Creek & Overbrook Rd.
  4. The bus stop at Neptune Dr. & Overbrook Rd.
  5. The lake lot between Overbrook Rd. and the lake.
  6. The Fairview Circle lot.
  7. The boat ramp and adjoining lot.

We have a voluntary maintenance crew that meets every Thursday, from October to April, who works diligently to keep our common areas well manicured and maintained.

We have a voluntary Security Patrol that uses their own autos and bicycles and we also have a K-9 Patrol. We have one of the best patrols in Sarasota County, according to the Sheriff’s Department. A volunteer must attend a training session before they are qualified to actively patrol.

Our Association membership is voluntary, and served by many member-volunteers.

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