Serving Members of a 538 Home Boating Community in Englewood, Fl

Map and Association Properties

Association Properties

Here are the eight beautiful properties around Overbrook Gardens neighborhood owned by the OGA, that members can visit and enjoy with their families and guests. 

  1. The SR-776 entry wall properties (2) including the wall itself.
  2. #12 at the South East corner of Forked Creek, next to the SR-776 bridge.
  3. The bus stop at the corner of Forked Creek & Overbrook Rd.
  4. The bus stop at Neptune Dr. & Overbrook Rd.
  5. The lake lot between Overbrook Rd. and the lake.
  6. The Fairview Circle lot.
  7. The boat ramp and adjoining lot.

We don’t pay taxes on these properties, but your Association dues pay for maintenance costs such as mowing, plantings, mulch, painting, work crew supplies, tree trimming and/or removal, SR 776 wall maintenance, etc. 

Your dues pay for water and electricity on some of these properties.   We are responsible for several hundred feet of Mangrove trees that protect our shorelines. Occasional trimming of the Mangroves is required by a licensed arborist. Your dues pay for this.