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Overbrook Beautification day this Saturday

Overbrook Beautification Day is planned for our FRONT Entrance!!

NORTH SIDE only, thank you!

Please Volunteer.

Date:                       Saturday, April 13, 2024
Time frame:        8:00 am -1:00 pm
Location:             North Wall Entrance (corner of Forked Creek Dr. & Overbrook Rd, near 776)

We will be weeding, edging behind the row of cocoplum tree to add 9 big orange bromeliads, picking up trash, wiping down/cleaning the wall, weed-whacking, weeding & broom/edging 776 sidewalk, sanding/painting a post, planting 2 sago palms,15 blue dazes, 1 Christmas palm & 4 new cocoplum bushes, spreading 75 bags of mulch & watering!

Please bring a shovel, clipper or a broom.  We need 10 garbage buckets for weeds or bags & small buckets to water plants & to use to wash the wall (with rags).  We need 3 donated water hoses (please) (we only have 1 hose at Entrance & 1 hose at Forked Creek Park).  We need scissors to open the mulch.  Most importantly bring smiles and know you are appreciated!

If you are talented in these areas or have desire to become a part of the team, call me at 703-855-3285.

Come meet your neighbors! SPRING is here!

Thank you very much!

Lisa Therrien, Parks Beautification

All items are approved and purchases by your Overbrook Gardens Association fees.